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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tourism in and around - kasargod

Kasaragod has many tourist destinations. A few are given below:

Malik Deenar Mosque. The Mosque was founded by Malik Ibn Dinar and is situated in the part of city called Thalankara. It is distinguished for its unique architectural style, which strongly resembles a traditional Kerala kovilakam. An important local celebration takes place every year in commemoration of the arrival of Malik Ibn Dinar. The uroos attracts pilgrims from all around India and world. The proposed Ranipuram wild life sanctuary will be situated 45 km East of Kanhangd. Ranipuram is also famous for its hill station.

Mallikkarjuna Temple dedicated to lord Siva and lord Ganapathi, is situated in the heart of Kasaragod city. During Ganesh Chathurthi and Shivaratri, there are special celebrations in the temple premises.

Theruvatthu Mosque situated on M.G road Kasaragod, is an important pilgrimage center for Muslims. During Uroos, the Mosque draws people from all over India.

Madhur Temple, is 6.5 km from Kasaragod. On the banks of serene Madhuvahini river, stands the imposing structure of Madhur Ananteshwara Vinayaka Temple, with its turrets and gables and the copper plate roofing, standing tall in front of paddy fields and gardens. It is a Shiva temple with Srimad Anantheshwara as its presiding deity. The sivalingam of the temple is said to be founded by a harijan woman, Madharu. The main festival is Moodappaseva, which involves a huge figure of Ganapathy being covered with appam. It requires lakhs of rupees for its conduct thus making it a periodic festival.

Chandragiri Fort was built in 17th century by Tippu Sultan, just 3 km from the city.

Kanipura (Kumbala) temple is famous for its festival in the month of January. The fireworks (vedikketu / Bedi) is famously followed for many years. This temple is one of the four main temples built by the then king of Maippady palace.

C.P.C.R.I - the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, is an international research institute under I.C.A.R (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), which promotes research on plantation crops. It is just 4 km from city. The nearby beach called C.P.C.R.I beach is beautiful and is famous for its beautiful sunset. Also the fishing village nearby, situated on shore of a natural lake is an awesome sight.

Mogral is famous for its football shock. "Brothers Mogral" is a sports club which plays with its famous players all around Kerala. Kuthiripp Muhammad is one who worked best for bringing the football up in Mogral.

Govt. College, Kasaragod is situated in Vidyanagar, which about 6 kilometers from Kasaragod Railway Station and Town. This college is well known for its Department of Geology and also other science, arts and commerce departments.

The Mallam Durga Parameshwari Temple in Kerala is located in Muliyar Village in Kasaragod district, hardly 3 kilometers from Bovikanam. The presiding deity of this temple is Goddess Durga Parameshwari. The special feature of the Mallam Durga Parameshwari Temple is daily Annadanam which consists of distributing food among the devotees. During Tuesdays and Fridays the temple premises are crowded with devotees. They offer their prayers seeking a prosperous future and a happy living. At Mallam Durga Parameshwari Temple the Annual Festival lasts for 7 days and it is a time for joy and celebration. It is believed that the blessings of these poor men are indispensable for a blissful sustenance. It is next only to God's blessings. Moreover the temple of Goddess Durga Parameshwari is mostly visited by the women who offer their worship here. They keep "Vrath" in order to please the mother goddess who would bring peace and happiness to their lives. According to Kerala's popular legend, Goddess Durga killed the demon Daruka. Elsewhere in India it is Mahisasura whom she killed. Goddess Durga Parameshwari executed the two dangerous demons known as Chanda and Munda. She is the incarnation of Shakti on earth. It is the divine power that enables the sustenance on earth. She is therefore armed with Shiva's trident, Kumaara's spear, Indra's thunderbolt and Vishnu's discus and mace. Enamored by the striking beauty of the Goddess, Chanda and Munda wanted to marry her. Goddess was so angry that she mutilated them instantly much to the relief of mankind who was also disturbed by them.

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