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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Director:Amal Neerad
Music:Gopi Sundar
Cast:Prithviraj, Mamta, Prakash Raj, Lal

Director Amal Neerad’s Anwar is an engaging film that makes a definite impact on the viewer. With its technical brilliance, brisk pace, good music and some fine performances, it is capable enough to take you to a different world. It may be far from perfect especially with a rather average script but such things barely come to your mind while watching it.
It is perhaps difficult to explain the storyline, without giving away too much about the film or its suspense. Anwar (Prithviraj) is a hot blooded youth who falls pretty easily into the charming theories of Babu Sait (Lal), a rich man who finds it quite normal to help the terrorists, in the name of religion.

The two meet in jail and soon Anwar becomes his trusted henchman, as Babu Sait plans to conduct several terrorist attacks and bomb blasts. All along, the brilliant anti-terrorist cop Stalin Manimaran (Prakash Raj) is in pursuit of the criminals. Mamta Mohandas plays Ayesha, who is nabbed the police, after they find certain aspects that links her to a bomb blast.

Amal Neerad, who had depended only on technical wizardry for his earlier films like Big B and Sagar Alias Jackie- Reloaded, has come up with a decent storyline here. Of course, the inspiration from Jeffrey Nachmanoff’s Traitor is evident at times. Satheesh Kurup’s visuals and Gopi Sundar’s music are among the highlights of the film.

Prithviraj, who looks really handsome, has done a brilliant job as Anwar. He has long been acknowledged as the next best thing of Malayalam cinema and he shows why such assumptions are relevant. Prakash Raj and Lal may not have too many scenes but the actors have shown their credentials in an excellent way even then. Mamta mainly has to look beautiful and that, she does in style. The rest of the cast have also performed quite well.

With some fine moments, Anwar qualifies as an engrossing entertainer. It may be far from being perfect with too many ‘cinematic liberties’ to boost the hero and things could have been better with a tighter script. But even in the current form, the movie succeeds in shaking the viewer up with its merits. Watch this one!

Prithviraj celebrates his b'day in style

Prithviraj celebrated his birthday, which was on October 16, in style on the sets of his Urumi in Malsej Ghat.

He was shooting the climax of his big budget Santosh Sivan directed film. There were over 100 horses, 150 stuntmen and multiple camera units to shoot the stunning and mammoth climax of the film.

A very happy and relaxed Prithviraj said: "The best birthday gift ever was Anwar turning out to be a super hit. The film, which released in 110 screens, has taken the year's best ever opening. It has garnered a bigger opening than Enthiran on day one of its release in Kerala. What a film Amal has made, proud to be Anwar. The film rocks big time."

Says Mubina Rattonesy, co-producer and associate of Santosh Sivan: "We had a mad party on October 16 night as we celebrated Prithvi's birthday. The light boys set the stage on fire.
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