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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Nileshwaram/Neeleshwaram(Malayalam:നീലേശ്വരം), also known as Nileshwar, is a town in the Kasaragode District of Kerala state, south India, with an area of 14.14 km² and population of 22,661 (1991 census)popularly known as Cultural capital of Kasargod.

Arts and Culture

Nileshwar is the cultural capital of Kasaragod district. There are a large number of socio -cultural organizations across the length and breadth of the town. The place is also famous for its communal harmony. In the realm of cultural and social activities here lived several eminent leaders . Several activists from Nileshwar participated in the freedom struggle , movement against Endo-sulphan , anti-liquor campaign etc. The new generation helps Nileshwar to stand proudly in Kasaragod district as its cultural capital. The calmness and beauty of Nileshwar is incomparable. Arts Forms It is famous for its folk arts, temple festivals, palace, sacred grooves, old markets, and weaver street. Famous festival in Nileshwar is Pooram and Kalasam in Mannampurathukavu and festival in Thaliyil temple. Porat (ശാലീയ പൊറാട്ട്), in Anjoottabalam Veerarkavu and the Pooram festival in Cheermakkavu attracts thousands of people in the month of Meenam. The temple premises are filled with red cloth as the devotees present to the goddess in gratitude and also for curing severe diseases like chicken-pox. The famous artists who lived here and spread the name of the town include Kanayi Kunhiraman,Kavya Madhavan and Sri.Krishnan Anjoottan. The Theyyam festival performed in several kavus, tharavads and 'temples'[ not the right term to call as temple]invite the attention of large number of foreigners. The festivities start from Thulam-10 [Theyyam in Anjoottambalam] and continue till Idavam. In Nileshwar alone Theyyam in different forms performed like Padinhare Chamundi, Moovalamkuzhi Chamundi, Kundor Chamundi, Raktha Chamundi, Vishnumoorthi, Palot Bhagavathi, Muchilot Bhagavathi, Vairajathan, Vairavan, several Bhagavathis, and Gulikans.

Kolkali,poorakkali, alamikali etc

Kolkali in praise of gods performed by the nayars of kizakkan kozuval from the biginning of the 19th century. Poorakkali performed by the kazhakams in nileshwar and produced eminent panikkers like Maicha Govindan. In the month of march poorakkali was performed in a competituion basis and known as marathukali.Alamikali performed in connection with the Porat in memory of the art form performed near manthop maidan in the past.

Naming Nileshwaram

The name "Nileshwaram" derives from "Neelakandeswaran" means Lord Siva, the deity of the Thaliyil temple. There is another folklore that the place was named so after Sage Neela who installed the deity of Lord Siva thousands of years ago. The name Nileshwaram derives from Neelichutta Idam[now called as Karuvacherry]Nileshwar lies between two rivers, Nileshwaram river and Karyangodu river. To the west is the Arabian Sea


The Thekke Kovilakam, Kinavoor Kovilakam, Kovilakam Chira, Tali Temple etc. associated with the Nileshwar Raja family attracts thousands of tourists from different corners of the world.

Mannampurathu Kavu[Chadayamangalam Baghavathi Temple] filled with trees in the centre of the town becomes wonder to the tourists. The temples history is related to Mannan , a notorious figure, and his assassination by Mannampurath Baghavathi. The temple also tells us the story of the migration of Nair families to Nileshwar from the South. The Nairs of Eruvatt, Aramana, Anikkil and Koroth families escorted Mannampurath Bhagavathi to Nileshwar as per the story of the temple. Then they invited a priestly class[non-vegitarian] to do the rituals of the temple. During the Pooram festival large number of devotees came to the temble and worship the 'Thidamp' and got the blessings of Kavilamma and 'Eruvattachan' and 'Mailittachan'. The 'Kavilachans' with 'Olakkudas' express the divinity assured to them. Valia Pramba island is near Nileshwar. It is a thin strip of land which has sea on one side and the river on the other side. There are boat services from Nileshwar to Valiya Paramba.

Bakel Fort, a famous tourist destination, is 14 km to the North.

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